Sunday, August 28, 2011

A blustery day

I had a Winnie the Pooh childhood, what can I say? Blustery is the perfect word for today though. Dull, cool, overcast and windy.(30+ km/hour!!) So here is my Sunday for your enjoyment.Blueberry squares, Mad Men and nostalgia. I do enjoy the reminder of fall coming. I love summer, but layering sweaters and apple picking are probably my favourite things in the world. So, yes nostalgia again; I've realized summer is ending and I'm ok with that. It will be strange not going back to school...

That gaping hole would be my Mad Men snack + reheated coffee
It just occurred to me that I did in fact make myself a whole pan of these squares. In theory my family will have some too.

Oh Don Draper, you scaly!

Also, yesterday I made these: 


For CIBC's 'Run for the Cure', My Mom asked me to pimp out some old shoes (conveniently CANVAS Chucks) for my her (in honour of her friends.) It was hella fun! I'm a little out of practice for mixing paints though. I think they turned out great!

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