I tend to gravitate from one medium to another and then to an entirely new facet. This section is for the uncategorized bits and pieces I've created and accumulated.


Decemberists-inspired print

Avante garde magazine spread

Personal Piece

Personal Piece

Poppy painting - photo inspired

vintage style flower arrangement

carson ellis inspired 'wild woods' 

 birthday present - too bad it's not real

 summer drinks 1

summer drinks 2

college life drawings 

 I saw a shirt and thought the pattern was astronauts, it was actually bows. I liked my version so much better I drew it.

personal entry 

 mixed media paintings

self portrait and paint brush wiping spread

neutral milk hotel inspired series

How did I come up with this? I couldn't answer if I tried.

I remember saying this and though it'd make a funny typeface/picture

This is what goes on in my head when I can't sleep.

Whenever I need an ego boost, I draw flowers.

 Mixed media spider as a job interview request. I would never draw this on my own accord, definitely an interesting exercise to force myself out of my comfort zone.

"Kiss on your molten eyes" The Shins inspired art

"You won't give me, a straight answer" Arcade Fire inspired song

Valentines/love/Tom Robbins/Jack Kerouac inspired quotes + type

"Desire is almost always more thrilling than fulfilling" 
Tom Robbins inspired

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover when we need to look for the perfect love" Tom Robbins

 "Your a catch!" Valentine's Day card

Mixed media Valentine's card
It's that time of year again....