Sunday, December 30, 2012


[Sealed With A Kiss]
Sometimes when I have no idea what to draw, I dig down into my inner emo and take refuge within a song. I say it semi-mockingly, but it truly is a great place to start when you're stuck. If you're a visual person, the inspiration basically sets up your art.

 This song led to some multi-textured-smoochers

 Yes it's supposed to be upside down. 

Have you ever noticed you can see mistakes (faces, type kerning) so much easier upside down? An art director told me that once and my mind has been blown ever since.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

moley moley mole

I'm a big believer in homemade christmas presents. They're thrifty thoughtful and totally original. Wouldn't you love to get a pile of cookies with a Melissa Wilson original recipe card? I sure would.

Did I mention I love type? 

Here's a zoomed-in version of my bow tie/astronaut textile design. After drawing half a dozen astronauts they become easier and easier. Really, they're essentially a robot with a jet pack and a fish bowl head.

These are fairly random in content, my moleskin is a magical and confusing place.

This water lilly is actually from a high school project using National Geographic magazines; I cut it out and kept it. Hoarder, no. Forward-thinking, yes.

Spongebob knock-off? Nah....

I snagged a beautiful flower reference book from my local gallery's book sale a few weeks ago. Best 25 cents I've ever spent.

Friday, December 21, 2012

long time no see

I have returned. I FINALLY decided to update my design work, realizing that if I'm going to be pointing people to my blog (Hello people!) I should update it. It has been 7 months. In my defence I got double pneumonia and a new kidney, so I think my timing is just right. I have new sketchbook entries, a few design pieces and some cards. Sadly I gave away all my beautiful christmas cards before thinking of taking  picture of me though, they were nice. 

I'm currently not working and my time is almost soly consumed with Christmas baking, but I will be more diligent, and hopefully it won't be seven months the next time you hear from me!