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Memoir-inspired book spreads

'Your ex Lover is Dead'

'My Old House'


I have to say, I've been quite nostalgic recently. My friend and I especially, were discussing how we were in entirely different situations last year. I don't want to give away too much, those of you that know me can understand. Just let this book entry be a homage to the previously polar opposite and wonderful present.

On another personal note, here is a biography I did about my Mom:

I love the cover of this book. It's my favourite colour/texture combination ever. EVER. The book itself was loosely based on something food related; intentionally recorded chronologically one week.

Sunday Morning

Dusky Destinations

French Toast

Mangez Moi


Going Way booklet

Anyone that knows me, knows my compulsive card-creating nature. I simply cannot buy a greeting card anymore. Which is ok, since I love to procrastinate and send my love through stationary. Here are a few I've managed to snag back.

9 month anniversary card 

Mother's Day Card

Valentine's Day card

1 year anniversary card

Valentine's Card

Mother's Day card

Mother's Day card

Mother's Day card

Birthday card

Birthday card

Mother's Day cards

Blank card

Blank card

Blank card

Blank card

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