Thursday, October 17, 2013

Emo Art: Big Stupid Smile

I find when I go through periods of intense emotions my art flourishes. Ideally in a positive light, although some of my best work was created while I was pretty miserable. This instance luckily is on the happy side of things. It's funny, I've been dormant artistically then WHAM! Produce! Produce! Produce! 

Pretty self-explanatory

Ode to Lace

My Summer Home

Grandma's Wisdom

Summertime Reflection**

Nothing is overly intricate or compacted, but perhaps the feeling behind it lends a deeper meaning (for me anyways.)

**I thought it was a fantastic coincidence that the pattern on the couch (from the photo reference) was the same as a scrap of a couch photo I just so happened to have. 

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