Friday, April 29, 2011


I have been doing the intense job-hunting thing for just over 2 months, and let me say it's exhausting. I may have taken a little break during Passover/Jay Peak holiday/Easter/this week...but I needed to ease into it right? 

I mean, I was entirely absorbed into it before but even that took a lot of forceful determination. I may be ranting and rambling, but I feel that others in my situation almost want to hear the pessimistic side of things. 

"Oh you'll find something." 
"Things happen for a reason!" 

These may be true, however it's not very encouraging when the person telling you is either employed/highly skilled or got their job back when people hired you on the spot. 

Sigh, one of these days I shall be employed, someone will love my art work and pay me for my awesome originality. Until then, I'll blog my days away.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chag Pesach Sameach!

I have already had my share of matzo and it's only day 3 of Passover. 
I just wanted to wish all a Happy Passover; even if you're not Jewish, it's a great excuse to get together, learn about Moses and eat (and eat and eat and eat) and drink of course! (Four cups of wine's worth to be exact)
I feel like I haven't been as consistent with my blog as I envisioned myself to be; thus the well-wishes of Spring festivities!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Ode to G.Dawg

As I was looking through my files and photos to show off via my other blog pages,when I came across these fantastic odes to my grandpa. These pieces were made at two very different points of his life, however neither lack design passion and the utmost of granddaughter love. 

This piece was created as a mock-up for a magazine launch. I loved the juxtaposition of (very) old and new. You have to remember, my grandpa was an extremely tolerant man. This sideways hat-wearing, bandana-sporting senior has a long history of being brutalized by my brother and I. I was famous for pinning clothespins in his hair; while my brother would climb all over him as if it were a jungle gym. This sums of my experience with my grandpa perfectly; I am truly grateful I created this.

As the passage indicates, this is a passage one usually sees at a funeral. It is in fact, my personal addition to the funeral service. Like any creative person, I work best when under extreme emotion. This is how I deal with issues I face; I create. Be it hand-rendered or digital. This was my way of expressing my feelings. If you read closely, it says Grandpa Wilson throughout the passage; my way of making it more than a mass-produced generic and nameless piece of literature.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have discovered the ever important social media; I am starting slowly with this trend by producing this blog. I will use it as a compilation of little design treasures I stumble across, as well as as my own personal portfolio.  I have given up trying to make a functional website after bursting into tears during Flash class in college. (Thus making my trackpad slippery and useless, putting me further behind...)

I truly hope you enjoy my approach to design and all things aesthetically pleasing (and less so). Also, if you want to hire/contract me,  (please, only legitimate studios!) I won't say no to money.Ultimately, this is my way of exposing my creative mind digitally, enter my design desires.