Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Ode to G.Dawg

As I was looking through my files and photos to show off via my other blog pages,when I came across these fantastic odes to my grandpa. These pieces were made at two very different points of his life, however neither lack design passion and the utmost of granddaughter love. 

This piece was created as a mock-up for a magazine launch. I loved the juxtaposition of (very) old and new. You have to remember, my grandpa was an extremely tolerant man. This sideways hat-wearing, bandana-sporting senior has a long history of being brutalized by my brother and I. I was famous for pinning clothespins in his hair; while my brother would climb all over him as if it were a jungle gym. This sums of my experience with my grandpa perfectly; I am truly grateful I created this.

As the passage indicates, this is a passage one usually sees at a funeral. It is in fact, my personal addition to the funeral service. Like any creative person, I work best when under extreme emotion. This is how I deal with issues I face; I create. Be it hand-rendered or digital. This was my way of expressing my feelings. If you read closely, it says Grandpa Wilson throughout the passage; my way of making it more than a mass-produced generic and nameless piece of literature.

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