Friday, April 29, 2011


I have been doing the intense job-hunting thing for just over 2 months, and let me say it's exhausting. I may have taken a little break during Passover/Jay Peak holiday/Easter/this week...but I needed to ease into it right? 

I mean, I was entirely absorbed into it before but even that took a lot of forceful determination. I may be ranting and rambling, but I feel that others in my situation almost want to hear the pessimistic side of things. 

"Oh you'll find something." 
"Things happen for a reason!" 

These may be true, however it's not very encouraging when the person telling you is either employed/highly skilled or got their job back when people hired you on the spot. 

Sigh, one of these days I shall be employed, someone will love my art work and pay me for my awesome originality. Until then, I'll blog my days away.

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