Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remember Me??

Today I've grabbed Facebook and Twitter by the balls, I may as well keep my blog up to speed too. Not that I'm up to much, but I do stumble upon things daily and get into little adventures worth snooping into (I know my photos/cooking escapades are definitely worth a gander)

It hasn't been an ENTIRE year, but close....I've started volunteering at RMG; giving purpose to my day, thus inspiring me to obnoxiously update my activities ; since I actually have to wake up at a certain time now.

SPRING TIME INSPIRATION: It also doesn't hurt that the temperature is close to that of Summer...

My obsession of poppies continues                                                         

"What's that weird smell? Oh yeah, FRESH FLOWERS!"

 So these are my attempt of artfully making the little corners of my room photogenic รก la Design Sponge... complete with the wisdomosity of where I acquired my one of a kind and oh-so-cool pieces of junk
Pretty vanity articles: The apple jewellery bowl sans and serif the lid were found in a Salvation Army in Bomanville. The jewellery is an accumulation of H+M trinkets.
 I'm proud that these seemingly random items fit so snugly together: The plaque was a Christmas present, the M was bought at an Umbra-esque strore 10 years ago, the driftwood was found on the beach in Whitby and the snail shell made the journey from a hike in the Swiss Alps. 

Valentines corner: This is a vintage vintage Valentines Day card; aka my Mom gave it to me when I was probably 3, making it doubly old. The heart rock also made its way across the ocean from Switzerland on the same (apparently magical) hike. 

On a side note: It snowed 16 ft in Nelson this year

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