Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Holy Macaroni!

Title inspired by my delicious recent dinner mmm....
I didn't post at all in July, and oddly enough I've been sending links to my bloggity like crazy. Realizing this I feel sad that I've become part of the blog-o-sphere and have been neglecting it. 
I've come to the conclusion I've been too occupied trying to 'make-it' ie find a flipping job. 

However, the whole reason I created this, was to force myself to have a daily/weekly art escape; an excuse to share my thoughts and whatnot about design/illustration. This post is more of an apology to myself I feel; I'm rectifying my neglect with a justified post. Herm, I truly have been busy though.

I'm a bit lazy in the scanning department at the moment, however soon to come will be updates and fabulous tidbits of awesome for your peepers.
Until then.....

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