Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rain, rain, you cans stay

As rainy days go, the time to create is eminent. I was planning on a bike ride today, however I'm perfectly content designing and drawing instead. I have quite the collection actually this time!

Sickly humid out :( 
How I long for refreshing rain...

My camera doesn't do justice to the dreary sky, although the street looks pretty sad

1. A going - away card/booklet for my friend (who is venturing off to Denmark this week, thus I must send off a Melissa farewell

2. Anniversary card for my parents; I try to make it worthy to put up on a mantle as art every year, I've been succeeding thankfully. Although they ARE my parents...

3. Two additions to my portfolio! Funny enough, they're from my third year in college, however they're still pretty awesome, save some minor type corrections

I'm currently lounging in my bed, but when I do get up and at it, I shall upload these beauties for your peepers only

Later that day....
I am refuelled by copious amounts of coffee and foodnetwork; here are the photos to accompany: 

Going-Away booklet

Anniversary Card
Pam & Ed

Portfolio Pieces

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival concept logo, t-shirt, poster

Children's Museum concept stationary + tickets


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